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You Deserve A Blog

When I see what some people pay for a blog, I gasp. I mean, I get it, I want to publish things as much as the next person, and I admire the dedication, but the costs some people stand to write on the internet makes my eyes water. I wonder if these types of costs are what stop more people having a blog?

It’s no secret I think everyone should have a blog, they should write about whatever it that they want to write about if only to get it out of themselves. I am not alone in the feeling, and the great news is that, as Andrew Canion points out, “the internet is healing”. There is a whole range of awesome services popping up and really great prices that should entice more people.

It is wonderful to see quality products being run by quality people, without any the social media chicanery. This is the way. Long may it last. - Andrew Canion

He is current testing out the new Weblog feature of, one of the ridiculously cheap services that are seeing a resurgence. For just $5 a year you can have a great social media landing page, a ready-made community on Mastodon and loads more. This isn’t an advert, but it is just one of the services worth noting as you consider your place on the internet, post Twitter.

My personal favourite is which takes a bit of work to set up and get going, but you’ve also got Blot, and even Tumblr seeing a resurgence. There is absolutely no need to revert to the expensive services that control a vast amount of the web, and even less of an excuse to start publishing online. You do not have to put yourself under any kind of pressure on a subject to write about, just let yourself publish whatever it is you want to say.

You really do deserve a blog, and to get writing online. More so now than ever before — what are you waiting for?

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