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Are You Really Missing Out?

Since Twitter imploded, I am ecstatic that a lot of the wonderful people I have met online have followed me out. It gives me even less reason to think about going back, but I’ve seen some bubbling thoughts about returning. What social network you choose to use shouldn’t be this hard, but I do know why there are these lingering doubts, and it’s mainly to do with FOMO.

The Fear Of Missing Out is a powerful motivator. Hell, it’s the reason, historically, I bought so much tech. I see things online, and they look cool, so I feel like I’m missing out on something. This is precisely what others are starting to feel, they are under the impression they are missing out on things happening, and that feeling sucks. However, it’s important to think if you actually are missing out or the feelings are unfounded.

I understand. Your followers have more than halved, and there are people who did not follow you to where it is you’re hanging out now. Are you actually missing out though? Think of some specific things you are missing out on, or is it just the thought of not being there when something happens? That’s what kept me on Twitter so long, and I’m sure loads of other people.

Look, you can use whatever platform you want, and you certainly shouldn’t feel like you can’t use something because other people have left. You should love what you love, hate what you hate and enjoy it. The feelings you feel are just that, feelings. Unless you need to be there to cover every new thing, there’s a lot of enjoyment in missing out (EOMO) on things. Most of which will pass you buy, and you won’t care, and the important things will get to you no matter what.

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