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This Is Meta

For a long time, I have never thought about the topics that I write about. Granted, I still think I am some kind of tech reporter, but I have no desired to actually write about the topics needed to become one (plus I suck). I much prefer to publish things that come to mind and let others decide whether they want to read dit or not. Only when Jarrod kindly encouraged people to read my blog because I wrote about writing did I think about how meta my blog is.

I spend a lot of time thinking about why I write, so I guess this seems like a logical step from thought to publish. Many of the people I follow seem to struggle with either wanting to write more and not having a subject, or pigeonhole themselves to a point they feel trapped. The truth is, I often start typing away intending to publish something without even a topic in mind. The tactile feedback from my keyboard is enough to keep my happy for a little while.

I don’t have ‘a thing’. There isn’t one area that motivates me to write about it, there is just me. I think that is the reason that my posts meander around some topics, but rarely stay still. There’s some tech, some personal things, some really random posts, but mostly it is just what is going on in my head. That is why a service like suits me so well, because there’s only one blog with everything posted to it. I don’t have to worry about where this post goes or if it fits in with a certain site.

There’s nothing wrong with the meta posts on my blog, but I think I need to expand a bit more. Last year I brought in a writing Kanban board that allowed me to be the most active I have ever been, but I feel that these posts will still revolve around the same topics without some effort on my part. We’ll see.

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