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There are too many iPhones

For at least a couple of years, I’ve had an iPhone problem. Well, it’s not Apple’s fault, it’s mine, so I guess it’s more of a me problem. With iPhones. The problem is (that is my issue, not Apples) that there are too many iPhones, and I wish we could just go back to one version.

I write regularly about wanting to go back to not having a smartphone. I also write fairly regularly about my justification of having a huge iPhone. That’s because I am a walking paradox. I know intellectually what is best for me, but I also have crippling FOMO, so I go around in circles.

I often think I need a smaller phone. Or a bigger one. Or no phone at all. What I always want is the opposite of what I have. Because I’ve fallen for the fallacy that a specific thing will change everything. Almost like the provisional life that Swiss psychologist Marie-Louise von Franz proposes. I am convinced that once I have the other version of this thing, then I’ll have the device I’m happy with.

There once was a magical time when Apple produced one iPhone, I bought that and used it for a year until the new one came out. Then came a plus version that I deliberated on a bit and usually bought the big version. Now I have (if I include last year’s mini version) five to choose from. Well, 4 really because no one wants an iPhone 14 plus.

All with their advantages and disadvantages, not to mention various price points. Giving customers excellent choice. Which means that someone always has the version you don’t and the grass always seems greener to someone like me. Even after years of knowing that I have this issue, I still haven’t solved it. Despite all the minimalism mantras and deep thinking, my issue with iPhone remains, and it could be an issue forever.

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