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That’s Just Like Me

My daughter is the cutest little thing. I know everyone says that about their kids, but here is my submission as proof. Lucie struggles with almost everything, she has what most people call ‘complex needs’. She relies completely on us as a family to help to support her, but she tries her hardest to do whatever one else does.

She has only two loves in the world, shoes, and teddies. Perhaps I come a distant third, but I’m not convinced. Anyway. The world seems to finally be waking up to providing more accessible things like clothes and activities, and along with this comes toys that actually represent disabled people. We found the greatest cuddly toy of all time on Facebook, and Lucie absolutely loves it.

It’s a brightly coloured bunny with a feeding tube, just like Lucie’s. Complete with attachable tube and syringe! When Lucie first saw it, she lifted her top and tapped her button to show that she understood the bunny had one like her. She now carries it around to doctor’s appointments and occasionally when she is hungry, and my heart melts.

It’s remarkable what representation in the things that we see means to people. The bunny is just like her and means she will never feel alone in her struggles.

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