Greg Morris

You Do Not Need Loads Of Apps

Slight mislead here, you do need apps, but you don’t need a ton of them. Every single post I see will tell you they use this app and that service, which is great — but that is unique to them. That doesn’t mean you need to start spending money.

In most situations, you will be perfectly fine with the stock options you have available. The only time to start looking at other options is if you start to hit issues. My best advice is to continually try to work around this first. Shortcuts is a wonderful stock app that I use to implement ‘new’ features into apps.

I am as guilty of this app arrival fallacy as anyone. I convince myself that I just require this new thing, and then I’ll be super productive — but I don’t. The truth is that is often hard to accept is that a new app absolutely will not make you more productive. Sure, fancy services look nice, the marketing makes you think you can get a load more done, but the real answer is to work smarter.

You will be more productive by having a good system in place, not having a fancy app. I will say it again for those not paying attention, a new app will not make you more productive.

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