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More Personal Blogging

For a lot of the last 18 months or so, I have had two blogs. Since buying a new domain in 2021 I found my approach to writing became too formal. I spent too much time worrying about publishing and soon returned to a at I would then publish personal notes, short things and whatever I wanted, but soon discovered it wasn’t the domain that made me lose my way, it was me.

Each time I made a concerted effort to write and publish more, I started to move further away from what I want my blog to be. It has to be about me. It needs to revolve around my thoughts about topics and, more importantly, be about what I get up to. I am sorry to say that over the last few months I haven’t been doing that. I’ve fallen into the trap of writing rather than blogging. Although my posts are littered with personal writing errors, they are still more about being a brand than being myself.

My blog feels more like a website than a personal representation of myself. More so than ever before, I want the web to return to pockets of people posting things about them, and to push for that I need to do it myself. My blog is my place to not just publish my blog posts, buy my photos, my updates, and everything else that would typically be on ‘social media’ – becuase that is precisely what it is.

A personal place to post.

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