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Week 35/2023

I am sure he will forgive me, but I always read thingsThisWeek by Maique and like the idea of small updates of the things I have been up to. So without further fuss, here’s mine.

This week was ups and downs as usual. Filled full of some working and some days off due to bank holidays and skilfully timed annual leave. I spent a lot of it trying to relax, failing, and also trying to run a little more.

  • Yesterday we went to meet another little girl with the same genetic condition as Lucie. It’s wonderful to think that something so rare, about 50 people have it worldwide, can affect two little girls just down the road from each other.
  • I have been a bit slack on some of my important routines over the summer holidays. For example, journalling and meditating. I discovered I can track habits in Todoist so set this up for a few essential ones with reminders. It is working well.
  • On the Todoist front, I have been leaning on more digital tools recently. I wrote about my summer issues with carrying a notebook, but even with digital tools I have tried to bring over good analogue habits.
  • This week, I have spent some time thinking about what I want my blog to be and working on some theme updates. With this in mind, I have set up tinylytics, the excellent service from Vincent, just for the ‘like’ button. You will notice an improved comment and reply section below.
  • My running is going slightly better this week than last. I’ve been slowly plodding around some miles. I still feel like I might have to give up at any moment, but the great charity I am doing it for keeps me going. I’d love it if you would donate here.
  • Had to take a bit of a break from all social media after American politics reared its ugly head again. It seems to have calmed down a bit again, so I’m checking in every so often – but mostly publishing without visiting anything.
  • I’ve got plenty of thoughts about my use of a flip hone again. I need to get around to writing these up, but every time I try it becomes really preachy, and I would rather not publish that. Safe to say my mind feels a bit better, but I have relented and wearing my Apple Watch again. I’m not certain how, but it still gives me Todoist notifications and the like, but it’s mainly for tracking runs.

I hope you all have a great week this week, and you know where I am if you need me. 🤙

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