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Week 36/2023

I have just realised that between last week’s update and this one I only wrote, one blog post. I am certain that some weeks have been even worse, but seeing it so easily makes me want to get my ass into gear and publish more. Perhaps you will see more before next week’s post? Don’t hold your breath!

  • If I can be allowed to start at the end of the week and work backwards, I watched Arsenal destroy Man United yesterday and there are not many better feelings than this. Watching it with my brother-in-law who is a United fan made it even sweeter.
  • Yesterday I deleted my Instagram account. It became too much of a time suck and fed my ego to a point where I took a break for a week or so. This finally made me realise how little I need it in my life, and the final straw was on checking in on Thread I wasn’t allowed to disable my account again for a week. So, instead, it has been deleted – don’t look for me there.
  • This week was my best week for a long time running. I racked up 35 miles all told. I realise this isn’t a long way, but it is a gigantic boost to me, and my lungs are starting to feel much better. I have months of training to go, but I am starting to believe I can do it. Donate to London for Lucie here.
  • I took delivery of a new monitor for my home working office. It is the LG DualUp – which is taking some getting used to. The monitor itself is portrait rather than landscape and has great reviews online. I work mostly in print work, and websites, both of which are portrait, so this should work better than a wider monitor or another one on the side.
  • Someone is working very hard this week to break into my Facebook account. I mean, I don’t even really have one apart from a blank shell to manage my business pages, but I get 3-4 password reset emails a day. It’s fun.
  • We also attended a friend’s christening, which was really fun. Meeting with our group of friends and spending time laughing and joking was great. Lucie thoroughly enjoyed walking around because she knows everyone and believe me, everyone knows her!

I would rather not mention my flip phone adventures, it is for another time, so you will have to stay tuned. I will always be here and pretty much nowhere else now. Take care of yourselves, have a wonderful week.


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