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Week 38/2023

The frantic realisation that I hadn’t written my weekly post happened about 20 minutes ago. Not that anyone cares but with all the excitement of Apple announcements it completely slipped my mind. So excuse the two week update of what I’ve been up to. Weirdly mostly tech related.

  • Ordered the new iPhone 15 pro. This year I am moving up to the max because I’m old and want a bigger screen and this is now my only camera so I want the best one.
  • Skipped the watch updates. Nothing beats my current Ultra and a processor bump will not make me part with another £850.
  • Running just over 10k consistently now. My lungs are still and issue but mainly after my run. Please donate to London for Lucie.
  • Happy to have Matt Birchler on board with the stock Apple podcast app. Nothing works as well over several Apple devices and although it’s not perfect the iOS17 beta makes it even better.
  • My son may be disappearing to Spain for a week next year as part of a school event. Super proud of his dedication to his school work and being an awesome human being.
  • Everyone is back at work now and the house is quiet all week while I work from home. Almost makes me want to visit the office. Almost.
  • I bought and returned a Pixel fold last week. It’s just not for me in the slightest. A poor phone and an even worse table rolled into on very nice but lacking device.
  • We have lots of hospital appointments coming up so this week will be a busy one. All of Lucie appointments come around at once and it always sucks. Hopefully I don’t forget to write stuff.

Continue to be awesome, and that’s an order but make sure you take it very easy my friends.


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