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Coffee Shop Adventures vol2

After a full morning of running around in the head office and helping everyone out, I needed to get out and catch up on things, but didn’t want to go home. So I went on the next instalment of coffee shop adventures and stopped off for a Black Forest Hot Chocolate on the way back.

There’s no quaint little coffee establishment this time. It is a full-on capitalist franchise, Costa Coffee. That is a bit OTT because I quite like Costa Coffee and the staff in this one are always nice. I also can’t complain about a place that I can park freely right outside and not have to worry about navigating shoppers.

There’s no wave of MacBooks this time either, the place isn’t empty, but it’s full of people meeting and actually drinking coffee. As such, I feel really self-conscious sat typing on this massive laptop, but I am sure I am not far away from it being full of people tapping away whist taking Friday night sales calls - speaking from experience.

I am already used to the keyboard positioning on the 16” MacBook, but I still have a few reservations and wholeheartedly think that the 14” is the version people should go for. However, I love the larger screen and doing some design work, which is precisely what I should be doing now, is actually possible away from a monitor.

I guess it always was, but never the best experience. Working on elements are much easier to see, and I enjoy working out and about now. Perhaps that is what much of the 16” MacBook, and even which MacBook to buy as a whole, is about. Most things are possible on all versions, but ‘better’ specs can make your tasks more enjoyable and you need to weigh up where the line is.

If the only difference that upgrading my laptop has made is being able to work in more places, that to me is worth it. It is easily £3,000 worth of value and enjoyment, but would be complete overkill for others.

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