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For a few years I have been banging on about the indie web, webmention and Activitypub. Since moving to in 2018, these principles at first went over my head and are now what I believe the web should be built on. These thoughts are not exclusively mine, but in the last few months, plenty of people have begun to share this belief since the downfall of Twitter. Although there have been strides to move in this direction, the abundance of new social networks have increased my desire to just post in one place.

The new social network on the block is Threads, and despite all my distain for attention seeking, fast-paced social networks, particularly one run by Meta, I actually enjoy using it. Most of the people that I haven’t been keeping up with for the past 18 months because they stayed on Twitter have taken up space there. Despite hating the service, I feel like I have a lot of my friends back. Very apt that I would round this post off today, but I loved it until very recently.

Whilst writing a blog post, I wanted to link to a post I had made, but couldn’t remember where I had posted it to. After a not insignificant amount of time, I found it on Mastodon, but before I moved to for everything and the epiphany hit. Much like my ramblings on POSSE and the amount of work it needs, spreading myself over several networks is absolutely not a position I want to be in either.

Thankfully, it does look as if ActivityPub integration on Threads is finally coming, and I can follow all my friends again. For now though, and what was always the plan anyway, I will continue to post to my blog. I can read, reply and interact with everything I need to hear, it’s just easier. You can find me anywhere ActivityPub is

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