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Sebastian de With, on Threads:

This is apparently incomprehensible to some people on this website, but to many people it’s actually a good and beneficial feature that Apple doesn’t let you install software on your iPhone from anywhere else.

It has been a while since I paid any attention to Apple payments and other things going on in the developer world. Not because I don’t care, but because I don’t really have an opinion and what I do think as a user might not always be very popular. So I usually just stay quiet.

I, as a user, have absolutely no desire to install another App Store on my device, nor buy my apps from anywhere else. It is a terrible experience on desktop to need several stores to just play a few games, and will only make things worse. I will also happily pay a little extra to be able to manage all the payments that I make to companies in one place and easy to access on my iPhone. However, I can be happy with my view point and also think that Apple treats developers horribly.

I work on an app, which is in the apps store, so I know all about getting approval from the fruit overlords, and must say Google are fairly difficult too. However, thankfully, they do not take 30% of sales from us because that would be a ridiculous amount of money to lose and then perhaps I would be jumping up and down more!

Just because I do not feel as strongly as some does not mean I don’t care, nor does it mean I don’t understand their frustrations. There is no-bystander apathy going on here, but at many points I don’t say things because I hold this rather Ambivalence state — Which tends to not chime very well with the developers I speak to.

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