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Blogging Isn't Always Easy

Brandon encouraging more people to blog the way he does:

It’s easy, blog about what you like. Talk about the things that you are passionate about, things you find joy in, or document your day-to-day.

I really enjoyed this post, despite disagreeing slightly. You see, we both come from a place where blogging is pretty easy; we write about all sorts of things. However, it isn’t that easy for a lot of people.

Thinking about the motivations behind why people would 1) set up a blog and 2) post to it consistently often leaves me confused. Despite all the positives I get from mine, I can appreciate all of the barriers to starting one, and they are too high for most. The motivation to overcome them is often met with the realisation that blogging will cost you time and effort for very little to no reward.

Part of this is due to the framing that writing online has. The constant bombardment of advice from content creators to ‘do this one thing to get loads of views,’ among other such nonsense, leads people who would otherwise blog for the fun of it to begin worrying about stats. The reality is you will not make a living out of writing online. That should be okay. For most people, it’s not, but it should be. With web ad revenues being disappointing, your hard work being scooped up by AI, and a million other people out there doing the same thing, I can’t figure out why people would start blogging in 2024.

To be honest, I am only here because it’s a habit, and I like playing around with my website. It’s fine to write about your life and other such interests. My favourite blogs to follow do exactly that, but it’s absolutely understandable if you don’t want to do that. Blogging isn’t easy, and no amount of rose-tinting will change that, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Put some value on your words, and join in.

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