Supporters And Followers

Whilst looking at options to add a ‘tip’ service to my blog, I looked at what felt like a never-ending stream of them. There are no shortage of options, ranging from full on monthly subscriptions, to occasional buy me a coffee type platforms. I went for the latter to see

Instant On

For those of you not following me on Twitter (and why not I’m hilarious) I bought an Xbox Series X. I’m not a big gamer by any stretch, but having played Stadia for quite a while I thought it was time to branch out on some hardware, and

Shot With Meaning

I recently came to the realisation that I seldom look at the photos on my phone. For years I always wanted the best possible camera to capture every single moment of my kids growing up. It was part of me, and something I enjoyed doing, yet I never look at

How To Edit Your Ghost Theme Using Github

Since first trying Ghost, one of the best things about editing my theme is the ability to host on Github. Through a simple integration I can easily edit my theme to make changes from almost anywhere. If you want to do this too, this guide should help you out. Ghost

Longer Thoughts Are Truer Thoughts →

Josh Ginger on honeymoon phases with new devices:

By then, it’ll all be too late.
But at least it’ll be true.

It’s as if Josh had been reading my mind. The rate of publishing and the things being published has been a big theme of my thoughts of late. I’m not worried about being the first or the best, but I like to write things that mean something.

I got pretty good at telling what devices were going to be useful when reviewing numerous phones. Sure, I still got caught up in the excitement, but devices like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Fold 3 I could tell within a day or so if they made any difference to me. But of course, I had to handle a lot of tech to do this.

If anything I am the reverse now, I dismiss things and then when I actually read or watch reviews I start to see where they could benefit my workflow.

With all this said, I always try to take in reviews after time with the device. I have lost count of the number of videos reviews I watch claiming the device is the best thing ever, only to have another on a few weeks later on why they are returning it. Some of this is of course YouTubers being YouTubers, but the honeymoon period feelings are strong and should be considered.

Something To Say

I am very dismissive of publishing my thoughts on many topics tech related. More so about devices and news that I am very late on. I figure that most people have already read or watched what they need to from the real tech people. Ones that get the product first

The Web Is Broken

I don’t usually frequent /r/conspiracy, but I stray into it sometimes just to see what crazy is going on in the world. Like macabre entertainment that makes me feel a little better about myself. Gone are Bigfoot and aliens, replaced with COVID-19 vaccination fear and politicians being pedophiles,

Explained By Stupidity

In what seems like another life, I spent a few years working for massive corporations. You know the type. Thousands of employees with several layers of bureaucracy yet you only actually speak to a handful of them. Communication was stale and cold, filtered through HR and marketing teams before it

Where’s My Chew Toy?

I’ve been having a bit of a bad time currently. A few issues in my professional life coupled with being extremely busy has lead to me not being my usual self. Simmering in my grumpiness last night sat on my own and all I can hear is squeak, squeak,

What Is Email Now?

I used to be OK with email. Even in my day job I didn’t get much of it, I was one for picking the phone up and talking to people instead. My relationship wasn’t all roses, but it was certainly maintainable. Then something changed. During the pandemic, email