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Digital Consumerism And App Lust

Mario Villalobos on when to say yes

There’s this mindset among many people online that I like to call app lust. It means this desire to try out the next great app because people think it’ll be the answer to their problems but in reality just serves as a distraction that gives the person a hit of dopamine. Each new app satisfies this craving, and they’re always on the lookout for the next hit. I used to be this way, and I’ve learned that I’m happier when I rely less on technology and on apps.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Gabs touched on it a few days ago, but Mario has put it perfectly. The level of consumerism and marketing tricks being used to sell apps and services is growing over time. They all promise to fix that gap in your work life, just like adverts promise to fix the one in your love life, or improve your happiness, or whatever it is. It’s all lies.

You see the same YouTubers and podcasters just happen to be talking about the same app at the same time. Flooding the market with overwhelming praise for this new thing that’s just the price of a coffee each month and will make you do sooooo much more work.

Spending time moving to a new service just because someone said so is costing you time and money. Stop it. You’re just craving the same dopamine hit consumerism sells you.

There is no answer to your problems unless you’ve used your current method to exhaustion or sorted your system out. Perhaps your current one is enough?

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