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Falling For The Apple Watch Again

As with everything in my technology life, I go backwards and forwards on the Apple Watch. On one hand, it gives me the perfect device to take me away from technology, and on the other it’s another device to maintain and worry about. I’m always one for making my life easier and cutting tech out my life if I can do. With that said, after a bit of work and a few Shortcuts, I have fallen for it again.

Following a little time unplugged, I had been toying with the idea of putting my Apple Watch away for good. Whilst it did add some value into my life, I had come to the conclusion that it wasn’t enough. I held on a little longer due to rumours of a redesigned version in the upcoming months, so I kept my options open. I’m not a fan of this elongated squircle and have always wanted something more stylish.

Thankfully, the released Apple Watch Ultra didn’t really appeal to me, apart from my desire for something different on my wrist. I blame Maique for this slightly because he highlighted the usefulness of the new action button he is using for updating his Status. Instead of spending £850 on a watch that would not suit my wrist just for a button, I have put some effort into making my Apple Watch work for me and in response, I love wearing it again.

The way I have done this, and the Shortcuts I have set up, are uniquely for me and not really the point of this post. It is more to point out how versatile technology can be with a little effort. By making the Apple Watch mine, within the very tight realms of what Apple allows, makes it much more useful. An Apple Watch could never replace other devices, but I can put my phone down even more so than before.

I would still like to see an action button on updated versions but for the time being I am very happy. This tiny computer on my wrist isn’t so bad after all.

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