Being A Realist Is Boring

When you are a child, you dream of huge, almost magical things happening in your life. The future is filled with so many, almost endless, possibilities that all those fantasies and aspirations don’t seem so hard to achieve. Yet for some reason all of that magic seems to fade

Hold On To Your Permalinks

Matt Birchler is to blame for some of the decisions I make in my tech and blogging life. Not because he does things differently, or tries to push his readers into things, but because he’s someone I look up too, and he speaks mostly a lot of sense. He’

This is me: not you

One of the reasons I try not to write about my ways and opinions much any more is because of how peachy they can come across. When talking about anything, particularly something like technology usage, there’s a tendency to use instructional language that ends up being a post about

My System: Notes

In my journey to improve my overall systems of things and also slim down on some expenditure has taken a lot longer than expected. There could be many reasons for this, the number of services available, my persistent love of switching, or just my lack of motivation – however I needed

Writing Instead Of Scrolling

A simple idea, stollen from YouTuber Struthless to replace what is ultimately bad for me, with something that is better. He replaced Social media with ‘micro-journalling’ to improve his mental health and found some exceptional benefits, so for the last couple of days I have replaced my doom scrolling with

Focused Time

I wrote a post a few days ago about not being able to switch off and be focused. Well, that was the intention, but it came across in different ways to different people. I got lots of feedback from it, ranging from useful tips and interesting conversations to the usual

Gaming Life Level 2: Steam Deck

It seems like an age ago I wrote about loving Stadia. It has its issues, is always a few days away from being killed, but it brought me back into gaming because of the ease of access. I had my iPad, adopted my son's Playstation controller, and I was away.

Oh, Instagram!

Where to actually start? Every so often we see the once great Instagram app slide into oblivion, barely clinging on to its importance to the users that have used it for more than a decade. Unfortunately, there isn’t a service that comes close to the reach that Instagram has,

The End Of The Road

I always struggle to start writing a blog post, so I will just get right to it. There’s no more podcasts coming. I have taken it as far as I can with the time and energy I have available I’m afraid. So with a heavy heart it’s

Being Consistent For What?

Lee Peterson via Jeff Perry: .. my blogging has almost completely stopped, it’s reinforcing that 80% of what I do here is done from my phone. As I adjust to using the iPhone Mini I’ll blog more I think, I just didn’t realise how much I did actually